Fishing in Kremmling.


Kremmling is the headwaters to the Colorado River, and is within 10 miles of Green Mountain, Wolford Mountain and Williams Fork reservoirs - so there's no shortage of water to fish.

Fly Fishing

You know those images in movies of the lone fisherman casting his fly while standing thigh-deep in clear, gurgling mountain water surrounded by the serenity of aspen trees and mountain peaks? Grand County is that place. The segment of the river from Granby to Kremmling is very popular for fishing and a portion has been designated as Gold Medal Water by the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW). Much of the land is privately owned in this stretch, so we encourage anglers to learn and understand the boundaries before striking out.

Click here for for additional Gold Medal waters within 30 miles of Kremmling.

Bait Fishing

The Muddy River, which runs along the northern border of Kremmling, s a popular fishing spot for locals and visitors alike. Also popular are Wolford and Green Mountain Reservoirs. Both locations have parking areas, hiking trails and boat docks. The reservoirs are stocked with a variety of species, including brown and rainbow trout and kokanee salmon. The Bureau of Land Management maintains a thorough list of fishing holes and access points.

Ice Fishing

Sure you can be fancy with a shelter and full amenities. Or you can just load a bucket with your supplies, hike on out, and use the bucket for your seat. With winter being our longest season, ice fishing is a popular pastime in Kremmling. As with any outdoor event, anglers are encouraged to be prepared with lots of layers, wool socks and warm, waterproof boots. Ice conditions vary throughout the season; for an update please call our Visitor's Center: 970-724-3472.

Vehicles (trucks and trailers) are not permitted on the ice at Wolford Mountain Reservoir due to water levels. Snowmobiles and ATVs are permissable, and can access the ice via the boat dock.

Check the Ice Conditions at Wolford Mountain Reservoir