Elk bagged in 2013. Courtesy of Bull Basin Outfitters.


By bow, muzzleloader or rifle, Kremmling welcomes hunters of all shapes, styles and tool. For the safety of you, your party and local residents, we like to see everyone follow the rules:

Know Your Target

Novice hunters in particular are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the differences between elk, deer, does, bucks, cows and bulls. And remember that even accidental kills of big game must be reported to the CDW.



Like most places in the United States, hunting in Colorado is regulated. To learn more about and apply for licenses, visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife site.

Be Prepared

Weather can change on a dime in the High Country, and even summer nights can be downright cold. Everyone in your party should be prepared with proper clothing - which includes base layers, mid-weight layers, and water/wind proof outter layers - and footwear.

Research your unit ahead of time so you know how far you can get on ATV, and how far you may have to hike. (And how far you may be hauling an animal out on foot.) 

Cell phone service can be non-existent where you're heading, so always be sure to leave a detailed map with someone at home, along with the exact dates you'll be hunting.

Plan for food and water needs. You need 3x more water at our altitude than sea level. And speaking of altitude - you'll be enjoying views from between 6,000 and 10,000 feet of elevation. Moderate alcohol and caffeine intake, and pace your body to avoid injury.

Private Hunts

The Kremmling Area has several outfitters who are happy to plan every aspect of your hunt on private land:

Bear Mountain Ranch

Bull Basin Outfitters