Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt,

March 31, 2018

There's always a chance the egg hunt will take place in the snow, but children of all ages are invited to join us at the Cliffview Assisted Living Center to meet the Easter Bunny and hunt for candy filled eggs. Winners of the coloring contest will be announced at the beginning of each age group's hunt. (Coloring pages can be picked up in Kremmling at the Mercantile, Library, Jilly's, Chamber, Grand Adventure Brewing, and K-8 School.

To ensure the hunt is fair and fun for children of all ages, please note the following details:

* Children should gather at the front entrance of Cliffview Assisted Living Center by 10 AM.

* Events will begin at 10 AM with the announcement of the coloring contest winners followed by the hunt. 

* Please see the note and map regarding hunting areas.  

* After their hunt, children are invited to meet the bunny and enjoy snacks.


Hunting areas split between the following ages with boundaries marked in red on the map;

Toddlers 3 and under 

Pre-K & Kindergarten

1st & 2nd Grade

3rd through 5th Grade

6th Grade & Older

See the map for areas.


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